The Advantages of Domestic Air Conditioning in Buckinghamshire

At Absolute Climate Solutions Ltd, we take great pride in supplying building management systems and commercial refrigeration services for homeowners and companies across four counties. A major part of our service range is installing and maintaining air conditioning for domestic customers in the Buckinghamshire area.


We also undertake air conditioning servicing and repair work to give our Buckinghamshire customers working building management systems that are efficient and cost-effective. Our company in based at the Oxfordshire location of Ducklington near Witney.


Control at Your Fingertips

By installing air conditioning into your Buckinghamshire home, you’ll benefit in many different areas in addition to the more obvious climate control advantages. Here, we’ve listed some of those benefits in more detail. Having air conditioning installed or maintained by our company gives you instant climate control at your fingertips.


Comfort Control – Air conditioning systems will let you enjoy the perfect indoor temperature within any room inside your home. Keep cool in summer and warm in winter with a professional installation at your Buckinghamshire property. We have a full range of building management systems available from all major manufacturers.


Humidity Reduction – Our air conditioning systems are capable of reducing humidity when put into dry mode. Humidity can be reduced without overcooling the room and our systems work particularly well in damp locations at your Buckinghamshire home.


Silence is Golden – Today’s air conditioning is much quieter than table-top or fixed fans and enables you to get a good night’s sleep without the noise of a conventional blower. It is particularly important for home systems to be quiet. Unlike commercial refrigeration units, domestic air conditioning systems cause unwelcome disturbance if they run noisily.


Safe and Secure – Shut all windows and doors to reap the full benefits of our air conditioning installations. During the summer months, you can maintain climate control without annoying flies and moths entering your Buckinghamshire home. You can also sleep in cool conditions with closed windows and this reduces security risks.


Improved Air Quality – Our units use effective air filtration systems to reduce bacteria and pollen. This particularly helps those who suffer from respiratory problems and allergies. Regular air conditioning servicing will further reduce allergens and pathogens to provide clean, cool air without any concerning health worries.


Regular Maintenance – Like commercial refrigeration servicing, domestic air conditioning servicing can save you money over a surprisingly short space of time. Regular maintenance will keep your system efficient, your bills down and your climate control performance in tip-top shape. We service and repair units in all parts of Buckinghamshire.


Energy-Efficient – Whatever the size of your Buckinghamshire property, building management systems such as our air conditioning units consume up to 80% less than any other form of electrical heating or cooling.  Energy-efficiency is a key benefit for any home.


Immediate Results – Our switch-on air conditioning can deliver heat or coolness instantly by the flick of a button. We give our Buckinghamshire customers instant climate control with building management systems that are simple to install and easy to operate.


To arrange a free, no-obligation quote for air conditioning at your Buckinghamshire home, call now on 01993 778653. We also specialise in commercial refrigeration.