FAQ’s About Air Conditioning in Wiltshire

At Absolute Climate Solutions Ltd, we get asked many questions about our air conditioning and commercial refrigeration services in Wiltshire. Here, we’ve listed some of the more frequently-asked questions received to help you understand the world of business management systems and air conditioning services a little better.


What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a machine that reverses its refrigeration cycle to provide heating instead of cooling. Heat pumps can extract heat from air, water or the ground to warm or cool properties in the Wiltshire area through heating and air conditioning systems.


What is a cold room?

A cold room is a room built to house food, pharmaceuticals and other products which need to be kept at low temperatures. We’re able to build this type of commercial refrigeration project to order and to exact specifications at your Wiltshire premises.


What does an inverter do?

An electrical inverter is used to vary the frequency of the power supply to the compressors. This varies the quantity of the amount of refrigerant delivered to cool and heat.


How varied are your building management systems?

We offer a wide range of climate control services for homeowners and commercial clients looking to upgrade their building management systems in Wiltshire. From underfloor heating to CCTV, and from home automation to air conditioning, we can supply and install today’s most advanced building management systems at highly competitive prices.


My company’s air conditioning has stopped working. We’ve gone through all the checks but to no avail. How quickly can your reach us?

We will endeavour to try and reach you as soon as possible. We offer a 24/7 emergency callout service and our engineers always endeavour to provide a first-time fix. Once we’ve completed the repairs, we can discuss a regular air conditioning servicing contract. This means that the chances of you having the same problem again are very slim.


Do you only carry our air conditioning or commercial refrigeration servicing and repairs on your own installations?

No. Our experienced engineers will be able to carry out commercial refrigeration and air conditioning servicing on all makes and models even if they have been installed by another company. We cover Wiltshire and the neighbouring counties, which makes our company the perfect choice for air conditioning servicing if you have multiple properties.


Are air conditioning servicing contracts expensive?

No. We offer very competitive, affordable rates for all customers in Wiltshire.


If you’re in Wiltshire and still feel unsure about building management systems and air conditioning servicing, call us now on 01993 778 653 for further help and advice.