Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning in the UK: Costs, Installation, and Benefits

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If you are currently in the process of considering an aircon installation, “How much is air conditioning UK?” will be one of the top questions on your agenda. This guide will answer all of your questions so that you can make an informed decision regarding the proposed installation of an air conditioning unit for your property.

Introduction to How Much is Air Conditioning in the UK 

The UK’s heating and cooling market in 2024 is valued at US$2.16bn while the industry is set to keep growing at a rate of 2.35% annually until 2028. Thanks to the increased accessibility of cheap air conditioners that provide high-quality performances in an energy-efficient way, the domestic air conditioning sector has seen a rapid rise in recent years.

The Rising Popularity of Aircon in Unpredictable Weather

AC installation projects in the UK have increased largely because the presence of air conditioning at home is now seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. The UK has become 0.9°C hotter since the 1990s with summer heat waves becoming increasingly frequent too. When combined with issues like work-from-home models, the need for a domestic air conditioning unit is now greater than ever.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems 

Before searching for air conditioning units for sale, it’s important to know that there are three main types in the UK. They are split, multi-split and ducted air conditioning systems.

Exploring Split, Multi-Split, and Ducted Systems

  • Split air condition systems connect one indoor unit to one outdoor unit and are designed to manage the temperature in a single location.
  • Multi-split aircon UK units connect multiple units to one outdoor unit, allowing you to control the temperature in several individual rooms from one system.
  • Ducted air con UK units are concealed and work by pushing air from a cooling unit through a series of ducts and out towards some vents.

Understanding the Costs of Air Conditioning 

When asking “How much is air conditioning UK?”, it’s important to take both the immediate and long-term costs into account. This means thinking about the air conditioning installation as well as the running costs. 

Installation and Running Costs in the UK

Estimates suggest that it will cost between £1,750 and £3,000 for the average home office aircon installation. However, this figure can vary depending on the type of unit. While a more advanced home air conditioning installation will cost more money overall, the cost per room becomes smaller. For air conditioners house installations, a budget of £6,000-£9,000 should suffice. 

Running costs are also heavily influenced by the AC model’s efficiency levels, as well as other factors including the frequency and duration of usage. Split air con UK systems cost around £3 for a full 24 hours (multi-split will be this multiplied by the number of units used) compared to over £1 per hour for duct systems.

How to Budget for Your Air Conditioning Needs

Understanding the air conditioner installation costs and ongoing expenses will help you make the right purchasing decision while also calculating how much more your electricity bill will cost. However, you can ask a professional installer for an estimate based on your requirements. 

Benefits of Installing Air Conditioning 

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While the average air conditioner installation cost shows that this is a significant investment, it does offer a host of benefits. Only 5% of UK homes currently have air conditioning but that figure will increase. Consumers will see the following rewards.

Comfort and Quality of Life Improvements

The obvious appeal of a home air conditioning UK system is that it makes the home more comfortable. Advanced units are also easier to control, giving you optimal convenience. Besides, feeling too hot will harm your happiness and general relationship with the home. Given that you spend more time at home than in any other setting, your quality of life will improve too. 

Health Benefits: Cleaner Air and Better Sleep

An aircon installation can also actively promote increased health. Firstly, the air quality will be greatly improved, especially if filters are regularly cleaned. Temperature control, humidity control, and reduced allergens can also lead to improved sleep quality. In turn, healthy sleep patterns can transform your health for the better. Frankly, this alone will vindicate the investment. 

Boosting Productivity and Efficiency at Work

Heating and air conditioning units remain hugely important for commercial properties. The ability to keep the temperature to around 20°C in the heat of summer will translate to greater productivity and alertness. Naturally, this may also reduce human errors. It’s an ideal investment for business owners and employees alike. Similarly, it plays a fantastic role in home offices.

Selecting the Right Air Conditioning Unit 

Asking “How much does air conditioning cost?” shouldn’t only mean finding the most affordable labour costs. The air conditioner sale is another vital factor. You must remember that cheap and value aren’t necessarily the same thing. 

Factors to Consider for Optimal Efficiency and Performance

When considering air conditioning UK prices, you can make life a lot easier for yourself by promoting optimal efficiency. Here’s how;

  • Don’t run it at a very cold temperature for too long.
  • Ensure that there is good air flow to the unit.
  • Keep air ducts and filters clear from dust or debris.
  • Keep air conditioner unit coils clean.
  • Choose a unit that suits the size of the room/property.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency Ratings

Energy efficiency ratings are displayed on every air con unit UK manufacturers sell. They are a valuable feature for many reasons, including;

  • A more efficient rating can help reduce carbon footprints in homes or businesses.
  • Greater efficiency also reduces your ongoing costs.
  • Efficient models often run better for longer too, meaning reduced maintenance.
  • Energy-efficient AC units set a better impression in business.
  • Most energy-efficient air conditioning units also have the latest tech features.

Installation of Air Conditioning Units 

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When answering “How much is air conditioning UK?” in immediate terms, the cost of the unit must also be supported by the installation cost. The costs will depend on how many units you have, as well as other conditions. Still, a budget of £150 should cover a four-hour job from a professional.

Professional Installation vs. DIY: What You Need to Know

It is possible to take the DIY route, which will save you money – at least on the face of things. When you take the following factors into account, though, calling an expert is the obvious choice;

  • A DIY installation will take you several hours.
  • You’ll also need the tools and equipment to complete the installation.
  • Doing it wrong could invalidate your warranty. 

Tips for a Smooth Air Conditioning Installation

When taking the DIY route, it’s vital that you gain a smooth air conditioning installation. Here’s how;

  • Choose a local professional.
  • Check that they are familiar with the model.
  • Ask for their advice on suitable solutions.
  • Schedule the air con installation when it won’t disrupt you.

Maintenance and Care for Your Air Conditioning System 

When considering “how much is air conditioning UK?”, you must also consider the ongoing maintenance and care. Aside from supporting your budget, it can save you a fortune in the long run.

Keeping Your Aircon Running Efficiently

When the AC system runs more efficiently, it’s great news for your pocket as well as the environment. Keeping the air con system at a steady temperature rather than frequently turning it on and off is useful. Knowing how to clean the filters and deal with common faults will also help. Windows and doors should also be kept closed for optimal performance.

Regular Maintenance to Prolong the Life of Your Unit

Moreover, regular aircon servicing will help keep your system in top shape. From spotting and repairing faults before they escalate to completing simple steps to boost general efficiency, the professional approach supports the performance and long-term affordability of the unit. As such, every air con installation should be followed by maintenance.  

Conclusion: Making the Most of Your Air Conditioning in the UK 

Answering problems like “how much to install air conditioning UK” and “how to keep an air conditioning unit running efficiently” should allow you to make your purchase with confidence. However, it’s also important to understand which rooms will benefit most from heating and air conditioning units. Perhaps more importantly, you require a professional installation.

After all, an inferior air conditioner UK installation will cost you dearly in the long run while also leaving you without an AC power for long periods. Besides, the right air conditioning installation will provide the peace of mind that you deserve. 

Absolute Climate Solutions offers reliable services at an affordable price. To learn more about air conditioning units for sale and our professional installations, get in touch today.